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Ince adding to “Make A Difference” campaign


I was really excited this Friday to receive an email from our group CEO, David Atkinson, announcing the fact that the company will be making a contribution to the Carte Blanche “Make a Difference” campaign.

As you will all know this campaign seeks, through a trust, to enhance the equipment at a number of organisations that provide critical care to our country.

I am not yet a liberty to say what the amount is, but suffice it to say that the donation is generous and it really filled me with pride for our company. We, as a company, have been blessed by the amazing support of our clients and staff and this has led to us being able to make this donation.

Of course, as you will all know I do like to make challenges, so once again, no matter how large or small your donation, why not make a difference by giving to a campaign, that truly will help many people, not just in a short term way, but in the long term as well. 

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Mike • October 6, 2008

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