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Max Mosley challenging privacy laws

This is always going to be a contentious issue, and one that I must admit to being on the fence about. I am not sure though that I agree with Max Mosley in this case. As you will no doubt know, Max Mosley was caught in quite a compromising position, on video with a number…

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Google Chrome gathering information on you

Preston Gralla wrote this article in Computerworld blogs talking about the every growing Google and the way it gathers information using the new Google Chrome browser. Lost in all the hoopla about Chrome’s release is a very disturbing fact: The new browser could be Google’s greatest privacy invader yet. In fact, Chrome can send…

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Big Steve (Jobs) is watching you!!!!

 I found the article below really interesting and alarming at the same time. If this rumour is proved to be correct then who really owns your iPhone. Worthy of keeping an eye on. From the company that brought you “bricking your phone for using it the way you want …,” The Giz is reporting a…

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