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Entrepreneurial learnings

Walking the road of an entrepreneur is not for the faint hearted. Worrying about revenue, service delivery, costs, administrative issues, client relationship building, and your team’s growth and development are just some of the never-ending pathways you travel. It takes Passion, Persistence and Patience – My 3 P’s for this season.

I am finding that the process of living in the now and not yet is a tough battle.  Mostly because I can see the event horizon, I can see the end goal (or goals), but the road to get there seems to be a little hit and miss.  I find that as the road meanders I lose sight of the horizon and the goal.  It is not purposeful; it is driven by the needs of the moment. 

Self-Criticism (reflection)

I know that this loss of sight is most likely because of a lack of process or discipline. The failure to implement elements that would help me travel better.  It can be a bitter pill to swallow, but one that I need to open my eyes to.  The impact of the journey on my personal life is something that constantly weighs on me.  I carry the disappointments internally, shielding those around me from them, I think that this is my duty……or is it?

I am realising that I am not sharing my journey well, instead I am internalising and looking for self-engineered outcomes. When the journey is easy the sharing comes naturally, the buoyancy infectious and simple to articulate.  Why is it hard to share the harder moments?


I know I am resolved on my journey to building a strong business, together with my fellow directors, so this is not the issue.  My commitment is unwavering, mostly because the benefits of entrepreneurship completely outstrip the best that any corporate could offer.  My time my own, my pace my own, my rewards my own.

In this resolve though I need to step into a journey that is shared. This is the challenge for me in this season of the 3P’s, sharing the journey with the people that are closest to me. Leaning into them for the support that I know they are longing to give. So, my challenge is this! What am I going to do with it remains to be seen? I hope that the next time I put keyboard to blog that I have progressed this challenge well. 

Until then.

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Mike • March 31, 2021

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