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Entitlement Culture vs. the Africa we should be

AfricaRegular readers will know that I am passionate about South Africa as well as Africa.  I truly believe that this continent is destined for great things. We have but one issue (in my view) that is standing in the way of us achieving this goal.

The Entitlement Culture….I know I talk about this often, but I want people to see that they can change and that a few slightly different decissions could effect a major change.

There are many of us guilty of believing that we have a right to certain things.  The right to govern regardless of what our own country folk say.  The right to inflame population groups against each other (and not for the common good, but merely to get stage time). The right to profit at the expense of others. The right to mislead others for political gain.

I am sure that we can add names of people that we know to each of the things I have mentioned and indeed the list above is not exhaustive. I urge you though to STOP, lets look at how each of us can change the way we operate and make decisions to ensure that we have a part to play in creating a great country and continent.

The 2010 World Cup Soccer is around the corner, “the passionate game” is going to mean that a spotlight the size of the world is going to be shining on South Africa and indeed the continent. There are many people that feel that we will fail. I want to say that there are equally many people who feel that it will be an awesome success. I am one of these people.

Let’s drop the “me first” attitude and look to the “us”, I am sure that we have what it takes to be global leaders in many things, not the least of which is the world leader in nation building and continental development.

This may sound like a bit of a pep talk, forgive me but I really am tired of only hearing the bad let’s all work together for the common good.

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Mike • June 28, 2008

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