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Open letter to visitors to South Africa – Peter Davies

Funnily enough, we are well aware of the challenges we face as a nation and you will find that 95% of the population is singing from the same song-sheet in order to ensure we can live up to our own exacting expectations….

Un-defence of Kulula….

So initially I sided with most of the “social media” opinion out there about the fact that Kulula were ordered to remove their “unofficial ad”.  Like the majority of the opinions reflected out there I was outraged that our low cost hero’s should be ordered to withdraw their advertising campaign. My outrage stemming from the…

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The Fever Rises!

We will be able to cement our place as the launching pad into the rest of Africa at the same time showcasing our great country. So let me say it again, I am Proudly South African! I love what we have been able to achieve as a country Viva South Africa Viva!

Entitlement Culture vs. the Africa we should be

Regular readers will know that I am passionate about South Africa as well as Africa.  I truly believe that this continent is destined for great things. We have but one issue (in my view) that is standing in the way of us achieving this goal. The Entitlement Culture….I know I talk about this often, but…

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