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Robert Mugabe as entitled as ever!!


It would be remiss of me not to express my horror at the fact that Robert Mugabe has claimed victory is a sham of an election. Is the fool convinced that anyone in their right mind would consider him duly elected? This unfortunate event will now dominate world headlines cause yet further damage to the African continent.

We as South Africans also suffer as a result of not having our President stand up and saying that this is a sham. He believes that he needs to recognise the election, while saying that it was not free or fair. This in an attempt to keep his mediation role intact. This is insanity!

What we need is every leader to stand up and say we do not recognise Mugabe’s election. We need to impose restrictions, as they have done on other leaders to stop their movement, halt their access to funds, in short make it a living hell for the leaders. Arrest them when they try to travel and charge them with hate crimes or crimes against humanity.

There must be a sustained effort to educate the people of Zimbabwe that their support of Mugabe will have nothing but a disastrous outcome for them.

Let’s act swiftly (as the African continent) to ensure that the people of Zimbabwe do not suffer any more under this tyrant, do not leave it to international “peace keepers” this is an African issue and must be solved by Africa.

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Mike • June 30, 2008

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