The Running Commentary

Un-defence of Kulula….

So initially I sided with most of the “social media” opinion out there about the fact that Kulula were ordered to remove their “unofficial ad”.  Like the majority of the opinions reflected out there I was outraged that our low cost hero’s should be ordered to withdraw their advertising campaign. My outrage stemming from the…

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SA needs to learn to recycle and control usage urgently

I have just, this week, returned from a trip to the UK and France and was absolutely awestruck by just how second nature it has become for them to recycle. Single dustbins have been replaced by colour coded dustbins so that consumers simply dump their trash into the correct bin. While the cities are not necessarily…

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SAA & ACSA you have a problem!

I am sitting in the business class lounge as I post this.  My 6:20am flight has been cancelled due to “technical” reasons.  I have no issue with this as I would prefer to fly on a plane free of any technical problems. My issue is with how this is being communicated to the clients.  At…

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Entitlement Culture vs. the Africa we should be

Regular readers will know that I am passionate about South Africa as well as Africa.  I truly believe that this continent is destined for great things. We have but one issue (in my view) that is standing in the way of us achieving this goal. The Entitlement Culture….I know I talk about this often, but…

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