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Africa watching as is the rest of the world….

Africa The continent of Africa is watching the Zimbabwe process with just as much interest as the rest of the world (perhaps even more). This power sharing process must be a success else we as a continent will continue to battle to move out of the “dark ages” mentality that the world has of us. 

The leaders currently in Africa need to ensure that we are seen to deliver to our people. We need to create a culture of investment and this is only possible when the investors have confidence in our respective countries.

There are a number of other issues on the go that will be blunting the appetite of the investor community, Zimbabwe and the Jacob Zuma trial and the verdict, wasteful expenditure on pomp and ceremony (Lesotho for example) and the ever present sceptre of bribery.Africa must be chasing the investment dollars and must lose the cap in hand mentality, we cannot rely on donations.

The African continent needs investment to grow significantly and these will not flow unless the investor community has a fundamental belief that these investments will bear significant returns. Donations only serve to keep people in subjectivity and are never sufficient to grow countries. Let’s ensure that we hold one another accountable from an African perspective, this must not be motivated by any other agenda, than we want to see the African continent flourish. 

End of soap box, here….. 

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Mike • September 12, 2008

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