The Running Commentary

TIME agrees Africa is the place to invest

Many of myregular readers will know my passion for South Africa and indeed the African continent.  I am of the firm belief that Africa has the potential to grow into a really meaningful player in terms of the Global stage. One of my pet comments though has been the fact that the world seems to…

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African opportunity from African ruin…….

I was listening to the Africa report on 567 talk radio this morning by JJ Cornish. I was struck that much of what he reported on, as been said before (several times) – Zimbabwe will need more mediation, The LORDS resistance army is still to come to that table in terms of signing the peace…

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Africa watching as is the rest of the world….

 The continent of Africa is watching the Zimbabwe process with just as much interest as the rest of the world (perhaps even more). This power sharing process must be a success else we as a continent will continue to battle to move out of the “dark ages” mentality that the world has of us.  The…

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