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XMPie enabling cross media marketing opportunities

XMPieAs regular readers will know I am passionate about campaigns and love it when marketers get it right! I also love it when you come across products that enable creative marketing execution.I have over the past two days and been in a workshop receiving training on a product that our business has just recently purchased. The product called XMPie is a solution enabling cross media execution of marketing campaigns. The particular focus is around print, Mobile and Web.

As a brief overview I can say that the use of this product certainly means that marketers out there have no excuse to truly personalising their offering and enabling the message to be disseminated over a number of platforms.

Included as part of the solution is a Web interface which allows business to customer execution. This solution is particularly exciting as it will allow our clients to work with the solution without incurring the expense of purchasing the product.

I will over the course of the next couple of days talk about some of the solutions that are offered through this package in more detail. In particular I will focus on what marketers out there will need to focus on in order to unlock the potential of this opportunity.

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Mike • August 27, 2008

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