The Running Commentary

United Airlines not the way to fly……

I have just returned from a trip to the United States. The trip to Las Vegas was to attend an XMPIE users conference.  I had the misfortune of having to fly with United Airlines for my legs internal (USA). Our flight from Washington Dulles to Las Vegas was uneventful, but I was worried about the plane…

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Cross Media campaigning the way of the future!!

Cross media marketing opportunities and indeed campaigns are becoming the norm as far as discussions around the boardroom table are concerned. Usually the driver is trying to extend the “above the line marketing message” that has been carefully crafted by the marketing department. If the Direct Marketing executives are at the table they are simply…

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Data drives succesful Direct Marketing Campaigns

Having just completed my training on the XMPie software that our business has acquired I am struck by the seemingly infinite opportunities that exist in terms of personalised marketing campaigns. As discussed yesterday, we need to ensure that as companies our data is up to date and very well maintained. A while ago one of…

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XMPie enabling cross media marketing opportunities

As regular readers will know I am passionate about campaigns and love it when marketers get it right! I also love it when you come across products that enable creative marketing execution.I have over the past two days and been in a workshop receiving training on a product that our business has just recently purchased….

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