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kfc.jpg“Your mom is quite nice” many of you will know this line from the KFC add which features a few mates sitting around the television talking about the “older woman thing”. I have for some time been meaning to write a post around this campaign as well as the others being flighted by KFC of late. I really must say that they have used life situations really well in this series, I still get a smile each time I watch this ad as the characters have played it out really well.Continuing with the above theme the latest ad with the guys eating around the table and the one guy not being able to finish “rabbit boy maybe we should have gotten you a salad” also works really well. Clearly targeted at a particular group of audience and indeed clients.

The mom’s day off ad works really well and I am sure resonates with the working mom’s out there.

I think that this brand has done really well in maintaining a high visual presence on the various television channels, despite dealing with some rather adverse publicity in terms of animal rights. More importantly they have selected to advertise in quite a targeted way appealing to each of their target groups through different situations. I think that this is a really good example of target advertising as far as a television audience goes.

Another advertising campaign is the Wimpy coffee’s campaign, which I think has made really good use of humour, “Oh Henry, I love it when you speak foreign” really brought a smile to my face, I see that they have tried to continue the theme in the latest round but I am not sure that it has drawn the same response, but never-the-less the campaign is still a good example of good use of humour.


Mike • August 5, 2008

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