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I brushed my teeth really well last night and this morning!

dungThe reason for this was not due to any advertorial about good dental hygiene but more due to me watching a documentary on Discovery channel last night entitled Bear Grylls eats.I have put down a small list of the things he has eaten: goat testicle, raw liver, lizard, frog, eyeballs, raw zebra, scorpions, spiders, snakes. In addition to these various delights he has drunk: his own pee, extracted water from fresh elephant dung and fresh camel ruminant (out of the stomach cavity). Vernon Koekemoer (SA’s Rambo Guy)had better watch out this guys is something else. Certainly if you faced him in a Fear Factor eat off you would be in trouble.

Bear Grylls link to his site 

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Mike • August 5, 2008

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