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The value of targeted campaigns

call centre37000 the number since March 2007 of consumers that have added their names to the “do no contact me” listing via the Direct Marketing Association. The post follows from my post in April and an article I read on iMedia Connection about irritating promotions.  My view is that the consumer base out there actual does want and need the adverts that come out every day. They use them as important sources of information and as such cannot be without them.

With the economic times that we are facing though are more targeted approach is absolutely vital. This is where the direct marketer comes into their own and can substantiate their worth.

Targeting your audience is an essential deliverable, even in your main stream above the line campaigns. Direct Marketing need not be “relegated” to a below-the line status, if used effectively we all know that rand for rand the direct marketing campaigns deliver a far higher return on investment.

We know that the DM’s need to shake of the “stigma” of below the line, see my post around Direct Marketing role at the boardroom table and you will see the uphill battle faced by the DM practioner.

I think some of this battle though is also of their own making, by this I mean that they are not vocal enough in terms of their successes. I think that due to the exact measurables that are in place with direct marketing and the fact that success is largely based on good research, execution, followed by intense measurement and evolution of the campaign, people are afraid of divulging “their secrets”.

We must realise that working of the success of each others ideas allows for enhancement and this ultimately could lead to even better executions or iterations of the campaigns already done. We must also understand that you need not give away all of your campaign secrets.

In short more heads are better than one and working towards enhancing the stature of Direct Marketing in a company is the work of the direct marketers out there. This will also unlock further advertising potential which means consumers will be given more choice and the advertising rand will be better spent.

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Mike • August 6, 2008

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