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The art of good conversation

I have had a few weeks now of adopting this approach in the discussions that I have, some may say that I run the risk of overkill, but in truth, the more conversations that I approach with this attitude as opposed to destroying something the better it becomes.

I have not always had the desired outcome, but I have been able, in most circumstances, to leave with a feeling that I have at least gained from the discussion.  Save for one interaction over the past weeks, every discussion I have had has given me great insight and helped me grow.

Now let me add that I am not advocating stepping down from a discussion, just because you feel inadequate. Rather I am saying that your attitude at the start of the conversation will have an immense impact on the outcome of the discussion.

In sitting down to chat about something be sure that you have done everything in your power to deliver the facts, as unemotionally as possible. There is nothing wrong with becoming emotional about the topic, but avoid this if you run the risk of moving away from the topic. Think about your answers, before you respond and finally don’t be pressurised into a response. If you are feeling pressurised, then you are probably ill prepared to offer the correct response, instead offer to supply an answer at a later stage.  This may not always be possible, but if the recipient truly wants to have the best outcome, then it is your job to help them see this.

So, let me leave this thought with you today:  Are you running away from conversations, because you feel you may have a negative experience, or are you running towards finding reasonable solutions and workable outcomes?


Mike • May 10, 2011

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