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My local Pharmacy hero’s

This post is dedicated to my local pharmacist Brian Thomas and the team from Prospur Pharmacy, they are the hero’s of this story.

My daughter was diagnosed with a condition which requires a short hospital stay during which time she requires, as a first choice of the doctors, a certain medicine (schedule 5). It turns out that this medicine can not be secured by the hospital and that they would have to use a different medicine, which had even worse side effects than their first choice.

I advised them that I would prefer to try and secure the medicine and went to see Brian and his team.  They have been our family pharmacy for the past 10 years.  Walking in, I explained the requirement and Tanya (one of the pharmacists) set to work.  She involved Brian who said that he was sure it could be sourced. 

After a couple of phone calls it became apparent that it may be a little more difficult than originally thought, but Brian said that he was sure they could make a plan. Brian managed to make contact with a specialist supplier in Johannesburg, and with that the medicine was sourced and ready for me by 10am the following morning in Cape Town!

Brian took the time, while I was standing in his store to do this.  He literally stopped what he was doing to complete the task.  This is what makes the experience all the more impressive.  The individual care is something that cannot be obtained from the major chain stores as they simply deal with their registered supplier base. They will not (perhaps cannot) deal outside of this and I wonder how many patients may be getting the second choice option, because of this.

This is a story really in support of local pharmacists and the care and relationship that they have with their clients.  Prospur Pharmacy, in my case, has always been an amazing place to deal with and their staff are quite simply out of this world. I am sure that there are many other similar stories to this one, not only for Prospur, but other pharmacies around the place.

My hope is that they continue from strength to strength, because they took something that was impossible for a hospital to fulfil and made it happen.

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Mike • March 31, 2011

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  1. Amina Wepener April 1, 2011 - 7:48 am

    I have to say we also only have good things to say about Brian and his team. We have moved out of Plumstead and live in Newlands now but we still use the pharmacy on a regular basis. Everyone knows you when you walk in and always ask how the kids doing. We been using the online system i ordered some meds and that afternoon it was delivered to my door. Thanks to the team of Prospur you guys are doing a great job.

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