The Running Commentary

Yes! …… I have my blog history back

Many of you will know that I thought I could not retrieve my old blog files.  This represented some 500 articles that I had compiled since 2008.  I had come to terms with the fact that I would need to try and get the content at a later stage. In a chance discussion someone suggested I…

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Back and raring to go!!

My family and I have returned from a much needed break, during which time I followed a “low information diet”. This concept was something I read about on Dave Duarte’s site, he is one of the guys that introduced to the fine art of aggregating information! The diet worked well, although I must confess to accidentally diving…

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Nokia e90 the complete work horse

As I am away, on holiday, I am limiting the time that I spend on my various information platforms, I have changed my sync profile for example on my Nokia and am only responding in absolute emergencies to anything that comes up. The thing that I am struck with is that yesterday, I used my…

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