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Yes! …… I have my blog history back

backMany of you will know that I thought I could not retrieve my old blog files.  This represented some 500 articles that I had compiled since 2008.  I had come to terms with the fact that I would need to try and get the content at a later stage.

In a chance discussion someone suggested I create a temporary blog, recover my back-up to that and then migrate this into my current blog.  I tried and failed, several times over!

My history, when I first started blogging, is that I hosted my blog with Fused Networks (USA based), however with the exchange rate depreciation I decided to move to a South African host. This was when I broke my blog.  So I took a chance and emailed the team there (more than a year since leaving them).  Sure enough Lawrence, who had helped me with some of my previous user errors when I was with them, replied and gave me the steps to recover my content.

I am ecstatic because, if you are reading this, you will also be able to see my old content.  More importantly I now have it all back!  Thanks to David and Lawrence at Fused Network for your support, even though I am not currently a client!

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Mike • February 23, 2016

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