The Running Commentary


Dear Younger Me

In wondering I imagine how scenarios would have played out, what the likely outcome would have been. I live, for a moment in mind, that different life.



A wise sage counselled me once “How you close the doors in life is, often more important than how you open them”


A letter to the new seekers of work, particularly the youth of South Africa.

remember that I may need to work for you someday and remember that I gave you this great advice….


Uncle Paul’s Christmas party booked!

Shot Wifey – I know that you will be reading this, but hey I thought it would benefit others as well!

Some sage advice from a 6 year old’s perspective

I do not normally post things like the email below, but I couldn’t help but think that this is such a good example of how we can look at things through a child’s eyes and how we should maybe approach life.  A Dog’s Purpose Driven Life from a 6 year old. Being a veterinarian, I…

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