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This post comes about after a realisation on my part how easily I give out my personal data. I went to collect dog food, from our vet, over the weekend and when I received my invoice it had my full name and surname, address and ID number on it. When I asked how they had this, they advised that I had filled it in on my application form.

Now here is the catch – what security do they have, only a simple firewall and a trust that they are not a target for hackers.  I will be sending them an instruction to edit my details because this is simply too dangerous.

The next example, have you ever ordered a Pizza or another item over the phone and decided to pay by credit card? Next time you do this (from the same place obviously), I want you to try something, don’t give them the CSV number (the last three digits) or ask them to check based on last time. You will find that in most cases your credit card details are being stored here as well.

 So where am I going to with this, you need to prepare yourselves for identity theft if the above in anyway resembles how you conduct business.  I will definitely be changing the manner in which I give out my personal information.

Ps. I run my credit card via FNB as they offer a free service that notifies you of account activity on your credit card. I make a point of showing each vendor that I have received the”in contact” message, informing me of the payment.

I think that it is a great idea for you all to review your personal data policy and ensure that you are not just handing out your details.

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Mike • September 22, 2008

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