The Running Commentary


Attention Economics using data to help break through the clutter

Attention economics, a term that I picked up while attending the Nomadic Marketing course, has probably not been as important as it is in the current global financial crises. We are literally being bombarded on every front with the latest breaking news, headlines, inside scoops etc. Add to this the advertising that is directed at…

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Personal Data Protection

This post comes about after a realisation on my part how easily I give out my personal data. I went to collect dog food, from our vet,¬†over the weekend and when I received my invoice it had my full name and surname, address and ID number on it. When I asked how they had this,…

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The value of data and a simplified approach to getting it right….

Many companies have or will face the issue of data at sometime in their life cycle. Typically data is reserved for the transactional elements (Statements and Accounts) and is usually fiercely protected by the IT departments. Marketing is happy to let this status quo run as they feel that they are delivering campaigns that enhance…

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