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A weekend with the Boy

This past weekend saw the Taberner boys pack up a tent, sleeping bag, food and a special note to each other and head out for a father and son’s weekend away. We were invited by one of our friends and the idea was to create a space for father and son(s) to connect with each…

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Observations of a regime change

Perhaps my title feels a little misleading, but certainly with the change from Jacob Zuma to Cyril Ramaphosa, it does feel like a regime change. This feeling is despite both men representing the African National Congress, (ANC) and both men maintaining that they put the party first. Our experience of the one is that they…

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5 Years (and 1 month)

Today marks 5 years (and 1 month) since starting the journey of being an entrepreneur. Together with Adrian Larkin, my co-owner and founding partner of Brandesign, the past five years has been very busy. Some Successes We have seen some successes along the way: gaining business, gaining clients, gaining staff, growing our office space, getting…

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Social media – Debate platforms NOT!

The problem with holding a debate within the social media landscape is that it removes a fundamental tenant of debate, two or more people dialoguing with each other. It leaves far too much open to interpretation and does not allow for constructive input.

The end of a chapter – Reflection time

Today I settled the school fees for my eldest.  It was the final school fees of her junior school career!  As I paid them, I took some time to reflect on that. In reflecting I get to acknowledge the generosity of someone who has supported our journey. I get to acknowledge how fortunate we are to able…

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Student crisis – leadership failures all round

  Wiser folk than me have spoken into the student crisis that has beset the universities in South Africa, this then is my view on a sub theme of the protests, namely lack of leadership.  I believe this situation best illustrates leadership in crisis on all sides. Lets begin with the definition of leadership and…

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The Reality of Perception

One of the age-old sayings is that “Perception is reality” and while many brands would like to think that they are immune to this, they are not. Consumer perception of your brand carries infinitely more value than any marketing effort your can conjure up. As a young marketer I studied consumer behaviour patterns, I focussed…

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MEP SpeakOut2016

I had the awesome privilege, this past weekend, to be involved with the team from the Message Trust South Africa and specifically their Enterprise Team, at the inaugural SpeakOut event.  This event, held at the Drakenstein correctional facility, saw the men from the MEP class, organise and host a speaking event, which was adjudicated using…

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Four Years today!

Today marks four years since I exited the “corporate gig” and became a business owner.  I am blessed to be able to pen this note and to think about the journey that I have been travelling.  I found a business partner in the form of Adrian Larkin, who has allowed me to grow in areas…

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Is ex Model C education the next apartheid?

Education in South Africa remains a hot topic of debate, with most people concurring that education in South Africa is under pressure. Most colloquial condemnation vests in active criticism of the government’s changing of norms and standards, in particular the reduction in the “pass” mark for Matric (Gr12). I would agree with the commentary that…

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