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The end of a chapter – Reflection time

chapterToday I settled the school fees for my eldest.  It was the final school fees of her junior school career!  As I paid them, I took some time to reflect on that.

In reflecting I get to acknowledge the generosity of someone who has supported our journey. I get to acknowledge how fortunate we are to able to send our kids to schools where resources are readily available.  I get to acknowledge all that has come as a result of the school.

More importantly though, I get to acknowledge my daughter, who has been through significant challenges along this road.  She has borne them with an absolute strength of character and has accomplished much as a result of her perseverance.  I am certain that she will tackle the next part of her journey with as much vigour as she has done so far.  I look forward to seeing her grow in character and strength.

In reflecting on my daughter’s journey, I also get to acknowledge my beautiful wife. She has supported her in every way and has made significant sacrifices on this journey.  My son too has carried his share of the load and is turning into a fine young man as a result.

In short I get to reflect today, just how blessed I am!

Mike • November 8, 2016

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