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Interyellowbumps…….you suck!


Open post to all of the Interyellowbumps out there.

Let me start by helping you understand who the Interyellowbumpers are, they are the motorists who:

1) Drive into the traffic light intersection area, on an amber traffic light signal. They stop there because they thought they could get through despite the already backed-up traffic on the other side of the intersection.  This action causes the rest of us, the crossing traffic, to have to stop. Instant traffic jam, instant anger, instant rage.  They turn to look at you, throw up their hands, as if they couldn’t help it.

2) They stop their vehicles on yellow lines, to drop off their precious bundles at school.  They don’t care that the rest of the traffic is unable to pass by.  They think that we should all be happy to wait for them.  It is only going to take them 30-45 seconds to do this.  PS. They are also the one’s that hoot like mad hatters at their fellow Interyellowbumpers when they do the same thing.

3) Finally, when they make it to the freeway, they assume their position in the fast lane, at the posted speed limit and become a rolling chicane or speedbump.  Completely ignoring the fundamental rule of the road that says “Keep left, pass right”.  They believe it to be their civic duty to fulfil this role.  PS. They also slow down to below the speed limit when passing speed cameras, as if they might earn extra credit for doing this.

In short they are the worst form of road user know to man.

To you Interyellowbumpers out there, I would like to say……Stop It! #thatisall

Mike • September 2, 2013

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