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Struggling, Business and Focus


On struggling, business and focus

Clear thoughts evade people in times of struggle, the pre-occupation of the situation that they are facing, often robbing them of the good things that are around them.

Running a business can be like this at times, I am learning.  Sometimes the focus on meeting the short-term operational requirements leads one to lose sight of the bigger picture.

Staff, Cash flow, deadlines, suppliers and customers all demand attention, each of them rightly deserves, indeed requires, your urgent attention. Building the capacity to deal with all of these is challenging. Oh and by the way, while focusing on all of this, there are also the very important aspects of family, friends, personal growth and hobbies.

I am learning more lessons each day about juggling a very different set of circumstances, to the one’s I was used to just 15 months ago.  I feel like I have learnt more about business in this short time, than the 19 years, combined, I spent in corporate life.

The biggest lesson I am learning though is that in all of these challenges, there is a much bigger picture.  This picture will be different to everyone and will probably be based on your personal value system.

The story about getting the big rocks into the jar first has never been more important to me than it is right now.  I am also guessing though that this story is going to get more important as life continues.

What are you big rocks? Have you identified them? Have you put mechanisms in place to protect them?  I have not done this sufficiently yet but I am working on it.

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Mike • October 3, 2013

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