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365 days done!

365.001Exactly one year ago today I embarked on the next phase of my business journey, that of a business owner.  After serving the corporate sector for 20 years, I needed to see whether I could succeed as a business owner.

In my case I decided, after much deliberation and advice seeking, that joint business owner was the preferred route.  I joined Adrian in Brandesign.

In a just 365 days we have changed the face of this business significantly, for the most part ensuring that our customers never felt the change.  We formed Brandesign Group (Pty) Ltd, despite what felt like, at times, the South African government not wanting us to achieve this.

We opened a new bank account, appointed an accountant, employed a management account, moved into bigger premises, decorated these, employed a new member of staff, sorted out equipment, got our VAT number, got our tax clearance certificate, became compensation fund compliant and many more.

We installed a foosball table, courtesy of a good friend, on which we have developed our internal foosball league (and skills dare I say). We have had a staff party, we have been to Hudson’s a couple of times, had a few fines evenings, played beer pong (with wine) and more.

We have grown up a bit, yet stayed young, we have gained one or two clients and we have seen some of our clients grown significantly.  We are blessed to have these, they all support us with an amazing array of work and we are given much latitude to practice our skill set.

We have been disappointed too.  Been shortlisted and not winning a pitch is like a punch in the gut, we have had one or two let downs on delivery, and suppliers not getting it right, but this is business.

I am confident the next year will be busier and I hope filled with as much stuff, actually maybe a little less on the compliance side!

What a rush!

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Mike • July 2, 2013

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  1. Walter Pike July 2, 2013 - 9:45 am

    Congratulations Mike that’s excellent – keep your head down and keep going.

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