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A thought often makes us hotter than a fire – Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

I wonder how many times I doubt myself in a day? How many times I stop believing that I have made the right decision. Then something happens to remind me that it is all worth it.

Today is one of those days.  I woke up this morning after a really restless night. My mind had been running over issues from the day before, discussions that needed to be had, targets that had to be met and things to be completed.

Making sure that nothing is left undone.

Around 1:30 I realised that I could think about all of the things for the rest of the night, but that this would not be a good thing. I decided to shelve the thoughts and go back to sleep.  Amazingly I managed to fall asleep.

On my way through today I have had the time to mull over how much I was dominated by the thoughts of insecurity and uncertainty. I also spent some time in discussion with people around me.  The truth is that the adventure that I am on is challenging, but in that challenge is a huge amount of excitement.  One call or meeting can completely change the direction.

So what am I saying? if you find yourself questioning or doubting, unpack where the feelings are coming from, rise above the insecurity and look to the future.  Look for the moments in your day when you realise that the path you are on is going to be filled with all sorts of experiences, then look to extract the most from each of the experiences.

Remember your support base and more importantly remember that they are there to support and guide you and not to tear you down.  Listen to all of the advice, but apply only that which you know is helpful.

Don’t succumb to thoughts that seek to put you down…… are worth more.


Mike • April 15, 2013

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