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A great start brought to an edge…..

free-living-forest-waterfall.jpgThis post I must say is not going to be entirely without controversy and follows on from yesterday and our group facilitation. The morning was marked with great honesty and me realizing the effect that an interaction I had with one of my colleagues had left them feeling.I brought in the example of an interaction which I felt demonstrated how great my relationship with one of my colleagues was. While I was correct that our relationship is probably one of the most honest in the group. I did not realize that my colleague had unresolved issues around the interaction and in fact had been quite affected by it.

I was a little perplexed by the reaction, but realized that this needed to be resolved and quite an honest discussion took place. I am happy to say that I believe we have resolved the issue.

The rest of the morning continued and one or two other interactions took place and I really felt that we were going to make huge progress in the afternoon.

The discussion moved to Group Dynamics and what kind of issues played out in the group. We had some small attempts at highlighting issues and even managed to discover some of the “immoveables” that the group needs to contend with.

I was and still am a little frustrated as I feel that we simply scratched the surface of the issues and we did not deal with some of the issues that the group faces. I will be doing something today which may or may not be the correct thing, but I am determined to see the group dig deeper in to the issues that we are facing as a group.

I hope that my attempts are not see as destructive but I am sure that Helene will ensure that they are not.

Here’s hoping for an even more open and honest day.

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Mike • July 24, 2008

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