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From the edge to the beginning of an even stronger team…

free-living-forest-waterfall.jpgThis post follows on my previous posts in terms of our team facilitation that we have spent the past three days doing. Today marked the last day, but was marked by some really good honesty.We had several interactions including one fairly lengthy one that gave many of us an insight into a typical interaction between departments. The “true life” example conjured up many emotions in the room, but certainly helped us all to see the importance of accurate and honest communication between parties.

We were able to see the differences in priorities and understanding and more importantly the perceptions that we have that cause a break down in the relationships that we need to establish and work on.

My commitment to the group was to open and honest in terms of the communication and to include them all wherever I can as if they were “favorites”. This may not make sense to you as the reader (unless you are part of the team). I certainly look forward to working on improving the relationships in the team and working towards an even great outcome.

I would certainly encourage any company that has a team or teams within their business to consider this process, it will unlock huge value to you.

Mike • July 29, 2008

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