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100% Improvement on the year before

A second post this year – a 100% improvement on the year before.  This somehow feels like a bit of an achievement for me, finding a few moments to layout some thoughts that have been with me for this year. This probably a little longer than normal, but there are many thoughts that have been with me.

10 Years of being an entrepreneur

In July I passed 10 years of being an entrepreneur! a terrifying and exciting statement at the same time. 10 years since leaving the corporate world, 10 years of partnering with the team at Brandesign. Dealing with so many issues, excitements, disappointments, growth, the pandemic, weak economy, strong clients, struggling clients, seeing team members join and leave. So many things to be proud, with a good few humility learnings thrown in as well.

Of all the lessons on being in business, the hardest ones to learn often lead to the best growth opportunities. Learning to say “no” despite the obvious need to land new business has been one of these. We have needed to steward who we do business with, to take new growth steps. This has meant that we have had to disappoint some prospects, but through collaboration we have managed to connect them with other opportunities. The lessons are hard, but for all the outcome is undoubtedly better.


Probably the biggest indicator of pace of time is our family.  The pace of change, growth and development are a permanent reminder that time is our most valuable resource. My family are one of the key foundations for me, they make up part of my bedrock, they bring me so much joy.  My wife who is such an excellent example of a friend, a companion, a check in, the one who knows me the best.  Sometimes, a little of challenge, one that I might always not welcome, she provides the whole truth and can challenge my motives so well.

My awesome kids, who are growing into excellent specimens of human beings.  They are strong, they have their own very different personalities, they both have a high sense of justice, they are both true friends to those around them.  They make me so proud. Watching my daughter approach work with an ethic, diligence and passion that is simply awesome to behold.  My son and his commitment to learning and mastering the bagpipes. Watching him perform one of the proudest moments!

I am blessed!


A new and exciting growth point in my life.  I am experiencing a new path on my faith journey, a deeper connection with God.  I have been a Christian for almost 36 years now, I have walked an interesting path over this time. I am thankful for Jean Stewart who helped me navigate those initial steps, she helped me set foundations, that I have always been able to return to. These foundations have been another part of my bedrock, they have helped me to return in moments of joy, sadness, frustration, disappointment, excitement and more to my Lord.

This new journey is not a new faith, but an even deepening of my faith. I am learning and experiencing. I am on the journey to becoming an encounter. When one looks at this, I think that this is something we should all be striving for.

So, I feel good right now, despite the many things pressing in on me. I feel good that I have been able to find the time to write. It is a releasing thing for me. It helps me unpack, realize, and affirm. I am grateful. The journey continues.

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Mike • November 1, 2022

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