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When the hype is gone!!

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Well the Hollywood production is done and Obama and his family have taken up residence in the white house. I wonder if he is thinking to himself, “what the hell have I gotten myself into?” He faces probably the biggest task that has faced a president of the United States ever.

He need to find and then spend 1 Trillion dollars and hope that in this process he is able to keep the economy going. I think, and this is a bot of the conspiracy theorist in me, that the Republicans took one look at this and said “Let’s throw them the baby!”  The way they did this was field an ageing war veteran and an odd ball side-kick (Palin) effectively securing the loss.

I think that I may have adopted the same strategy as it is going to be far easier to criticise policy during this time, than it is going to be make policy. The gamble that they are taking is that Obama is not going to sort out the economy in the next four years, but he would have done enough so that they can create a campaign to build on the platform that he would have set down?

So let’s see what happens to all of this, perhaps Obama is “the chosen one” and he makes good inroads? In the end though the hype is over and the real work has start and heaven knows that not only the USA but the world is looking one with much anticipation.


Mike • February 3, 2009

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