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As my style is very generalist and basically driven by experiences, I seldom keep themes or discussion going for a long time, call it boredom or whatever but that is just me. One thing that I consistent on is how we treat and respect one another. I have spoken about this topic often, but here we go again!!

Customer Service (T man this is just for you..)

This has got to be the single biggest opportunity and challenge that faces an organisation. So let’s give two great examples over the past couple of days. 1) I needed to replace my golf glove and went to our local “Pro Shop Express” at Golf World. The service was impeccable, arrived greeted warmly and immediately asked if I need assistance. I asked about gloves and the sales person lifted his hand measured mine against his pulled the glove from the shelf, perfect fit. Not rocket science I know but effective none the less. Then he asked if I had visited them before, I said no. he asked if he could take 5 minutes to show me around the store and the driving range. He then offered to get me a sales person for the range if I wanted to sign up. Great Great stuff!!

2) Virgin Active -went for a personal training session this morning. Usually one hands your card and you get a bot of a disinterested “morning” and nothing else. This morning, awesome smile and great welcome followed by “enjoy your workout” Again not rocket science but very effective!

As with all good things, there is the negative…..

Spending some of my hard earned cash this weekend at our local take-away. The reception abysmal, the service was equally poor and not one attempt to get me to purchase more than I ordered. Everyone from the till operator to the guys making the food appeared to be in a real down place. I think that every client that left there that day left in a worse mood than before they arrived.

The same can be said about our local grocer where it appeared that doing business with any of the clients was like a visit to the dentist.

 Come on chaps let’s get the focus back on the client and drive service excellence. 

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Mike • February 3, 2009

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  1. Tas February 4, 2009 - 12:09 pm

    Great to see you’re back.

    What bothers me is that you compliment the good (Golf World and Virgin) but fail the name the bad take out spot as well as your grocer !! When I’m in CT, I need to be aware of these ‘not so hot spots’……..

  2. Mike February 4, 2009 - 12:11 pm

    You are right Tas. The offenders were Steers and Friendly respectively.

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