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What does Bob have on Thabo ???

What does Bob know about Thabo?….I have come to the conclusion that (conspiracy theorist that I am) Bob Mugabe must have some really juicy career limiting information on Thabo. What this information (dirt?!?) is, is obviously up for debate, but whenever the two of them are together, then it is all smiles and hand holding. I assume that during the struggle, some close allies were required to ensure that democracy would eventually prevail in South Africa.I wonder if this bond is purely from this time or whether some compromises or deals were made, which are now being collected upon by Bob.

The other reason, and this may be reaching a little, is that the ANC is trying to maneuver JZ up the opinion polls in terms of the country and the international world. His comments against what is currently happening in Zimbabwe certainly are what should be being said by the leader of our country. Could it be that the ANC are forcing Thabo to say the things he is currently saying, people desperate to hold onto power will do the strangest things (just look at Bob)

As I continue with this post I become more convinced that it is probably a combination of the both. Certainly the way that Thabo reacts to the Zim issue is embarrassing in the least and can only be brought about by some motive which he will have to account for at some point in the future.

JZ comments are well intentioned and demonstrate the feeling of the majority of the South African populace. I think that he may well believe what he is actually saying here. However, the irony in as much as the corruption charges he is facing together with the drive to disband the Scorpions cannot be missed.

Let’s hope that resolution to the crisis in Zimbabwe happens quickly and that we can get the blemishes currently surrounding JZ sorted out. We all know that the time for leadership change with South Africa has come. In all likelihood JZ will be the man of the moment in terms of taking over from Thabo. I would certainly hope that this would happen with JZ having sorted all of the skeletons in the cupboard.

Conspiringly yours..

Mike • April 18, 2008

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