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translate logoAs mentioned when I set out on this blogging journey, I seek to highlight great ideas that I come across. One of these ideas is and organization called Translate The business is run by a good friend of mine Dwayne Bailey. Their mission is simple “a non-profit organization focused on the localization, or translation, of Open Source software into South Africa’s 11 official languages. Translate intervenes wherever computers fail their users, thus we have created fonts for Venda and a South African keyboard on top of our localizations of GNOME, KDE,, Firefox and Thunderbird.”I am extremely encouraged by businesses like this that focus on making Internet technologies and products within the electronic medium not only accessible, but understandable by all. This organization is clearly South African and African in its focus and just goes to further highlight the talent that we have in South Africa.

This organisation relies on a huge amount of outside support in terms of funding and runs huge collaborative workshops in terms of handling the translation work.

I have included the link to their site and I am sure that Dwayne and his team would be only to happy to discuss their business and vision with you.


Mike • April 17, 2008

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