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What a race!!!

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Sunday saw a really thrilling formula one race, with the Red Bull team of Vettel and Webber richly deserving their one two finish. Brawn too had a great race given their very limited testing in the wet. Mclaren finishing fifth and sixth was good for the team from Woking, although given the expectation that Lewis loves the wet, it was disappointing to see him “crack” and make no less than four unforced errors.

Ferrari must be worried about the reliability issue as well as the fact that their diffuser is no good. Add to that a dodgy KERS system and they have some real work to do.

Never-the-less the circus came to town and I think delivered one of the best races I have seen for some time. The skill of all of these drivers cannot be overstated and as Mark Brundle said they earned every dollar they are paid.

Let’s hope that we¬†see the Mclaren team at the front of the pack next week and this will set us up for a great rest of the season.

PS. Well done to Heiki who not only managed to finish his first race of the season, but managed to beat out Lewis.

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Mike • April 20, 2009

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