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My vote on Wednesday


Many of the people that read my blog and interact with me on a daily basis ask me “Who are you going to vote for in the upcoming election”  I have a stock answer which is “my vote is my secret”

It certainly can be no secret to anyone though that I do not vote for the ANC. People though assume that this is due to my stance on some of their policies. In truth it is not because of this. I vote for opposition politics and I will later on, in this post tell you who, but the reason I do this is about my desire to see politicians held accountable.

I am perplexed by people who say that they do not vote because their vote does not count. I do not know how they arrive at this conclusion. Maybe their party did not win in the past and therefore they feel it makes no difference? If you only ever support a winning party then vote for the ANC. If you do not want to vote for the ANC then vote for another party or spoil your vote, but for heavens sake vote.

You are an idiot if you disenfranchise yourself…..Forget the people who say “if you do not vote don’t complain” Just look at yourself in the mirror and say “Hey I got up today and had the opportunity to be part of a democratic voting process and decided…….I’ll just take the day off”  Shot!!!!

Making a difference starts one vote at a time, growing the opposition political base in South Africa is key. This will create accountability and this in turn will ensure that the country can grow. The ANC voting base loves it when you say “I am not going to vote” as this is one less vote for them to worry about.

So I am going to make my position clear. On Wednesday I am going to take part in this amazing process and I am going to vote.  I will be voting for the Democratic Alliance and not because I think that they have the best policies but because I see them as the most viable opposition party, currently, to the ANC. 

Viva South African Viva!!! 

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Mike • April 20, 2009

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