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Welcome Ince as site sponsor

Ince Banner AdMany of my readers will know that I work for Ince (Pty) Ltd. Ince specialise in the field of Corporate Communications and deliver a number of solutions to their clients along this basis.  I am thrilled that they have agreed to be one of the sponsors to this site, even if is this means that they have no control over the content on the site.  I have, I must confess agreed to dedicate a post of two a week to my life at Ince, and will obviously include information about the service offerings within the posts. 

I deliberated quite intensely about whether to have them as a site sponsor, but believe that they are demonstrating their commitment to the arena of Social Network marketing and the importance this is going to have on their business in the future.

This site as well as their log displayed on my page will have a link to their website so please feel free to contact them.

Incesite sponsor

Mike • April 30, 2008

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