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Cape Town morning

cape townThis post promises to be only positive, driving this morning on my way to the office, I was struck by the beauty of the morning.  I was together with my fellow Capetonians and out towners that may have been awake at 7:30, treated to a spectacular sunrise, with beautiful images. Now being the conscientious driver that I am, I new that I could not really take any pictures. Eventually though I could not resist.  I took one with my Nokia e90 (regular readers will know that I love this piece of technology) and decided to post this.  I know that it cannot possibly do justice to what I was treated to this morning, but maybe it will go some way to letting you all see.

I am truly privileged to live in this great part of the world…..

Cape TownmorningNokia e90priviledge

Mike • April 30, 2008

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