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Viral marketing building brand awareness….

bulbIncreasingly marketeers are understanding the need to build campaigns which have farther and farther reach. The drive to get the brands recognised is very important at the moment, but building affinity with your brand has to be your main driver.

I love the different ways that people try to get their message spread and particularly enjoy it when the brand creates some ability for you to physically interact with it.

One example is the Burger King “subservient chicken” which is simply a site with a guy in a feathered costume doing whatever you tell him to do. This message went across the airwaves in seconds and is still going strong after 4 years!

Allowing people to play with your brand also creates the opportunity to give you interesting feedback and development opportunities. Many companies fear putting their brand into the consumers hands, but increasingly we are going to have to do this. Your driver must be brand affinity and getting clients to engage with you at every step.

One of my points that I do want to make is that viral marketing is not the domain of big brands only. Sure a big brand is more likely to be “spoofed” or recognised and therefore will spread faster. My view thought is if you agency can get creative enough even the smallest brand feel the effects (positive or negative) of viral marketing.

Nothing gets you message to more people and with more endorsement that your very own consumers speaking about you to their friends and colleagues!

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Mike • August 13, 2008

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