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The importance of building good client relationship

bulbI am subscribed to imedia connection. The most recent email carried and article entitled “The ROI of Quality Swag”. I was pleased to see that Leah Messinger, the author, proposed with a few case studies, that the correct use of promotional gifts can enhance the sales effort.I believe that many companies get this critical fact wrong and do not realize that a well placed, albeit simple corporate gift has the benefit to unlock new business or even simply cementing the relationship ensuring ongoing business.

I believe that good “swag” compliments your businesses’ CRM process and even if you deal in a purely digital environment there is no excuse not to build up a good relationship with your client.

In short you can deal in ether as far as a product goes but you still need to have a relationship with your client in order to do so successfully.

Good Swag and Good CRM goes hand in hand me thinks.

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Mike • July 3, 2008

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