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The “Brawn Ultimatum”

new mclaren 2009

What a debut for this team!  As I said to one of my colleagues, this is proves that age is only a number in terms of formula one. Two “old” (used very lightly here) campaigners in the form of Button and Barrichello richly deserve this success. Certainly a bit of a fairy tale event.  Ross Brawn truly must be hailed as someone who is passionate about this sport, this team effectively started, I believe, as a result of Ross not wanting to give up what he saw as a great team.

Mclaren must be particularly grateful to have had Lewis finish third given their shocking performances on the time sheets. Ferrari equally have quite a bit of work that they will have to do in order to make up the required ground.

In all, this weekend, although full of objections, was a good start to the season. Let’s hope that Brawn can continue and that the the other teams are able to catch them.  We could be in for a really great season

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Mike • March 30, 2009

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