The Running Commentary

Is ex Model C education the next apartheid?

Education in South Africa remains a hot topic of debate, with most people concurring that education in South Africa is under pressure. Most colloquial condemnation vests in active criticism of the government’s changing of norms and standards, in particular the reduction in the “pass” mark for Matric (Gr12). I would agree with the commentary that…

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6 months in……..

So happily we have sorted out all of these things (barring the VAT number) and then hopefully we can get down to the art of rustling up business. Who knows we may just be successful at it…..

Accountability, Opposition and Conviction the key for SA

This is not a democratic enough country yet and it will need vastly more accountable office bearers for this to happen….


Sarah on South Africa and Mandela is this fair??

  The post that follows is fairly lengthy mainly as a result of me including the articles written by “Sarah, Maid of Albion”. These articles were sent to me by someone a few weeks back and I have been contemplating all this time whether to even comment about them. I have read and re-read them…

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Team SA return!!

As team South Africa returns from Beijing today, with only a very small group of supporters, I was struck by how a cloud of disappointment hung over them. They felt as if they had failed and while they did not exactly cover themselves in glory in terms of the medals, they did manage to participate…

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