The Running Commentary

Especially for my friend Tasman

Some people in this world believe that they are technologically challenged, and reading some of the questions asked of the IT departments below, some truly are: “Why isn’t my wireless mouse connected to the computer?” “Can you reset the Internet for me?” Then there was the questioner who asked:”Where can I get software to track…

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Apple MobileMe turn it off Steve (remotely that is)

Below an article from the Coolest Gadgets web about Apple’s MobileMe application. In light of my previous post about how Big Steve is watching you, maybe he should simply “turn of this malicious application until the problem has been repaired” Members of Apple’s problematic Mobile Me community have a new headache as the service, which…

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Google gadgets something to watch?

I read this article this morning and thought it of interest, for all of those (like me) who enjoy all the gadgets that Google have to offer. I would suggest that the bark maybe louder than the bite in this case, but worthy of noting anyway¬† Hackers turned computer security specialists accuse Google of setting…

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