The Running Commentary


Change is required, how you undertake this is the measure of you……….

You cannot though make yourself a victim of the process, how you elect to deal with the change process is going to determine your future success…..

We need a competitive labour system to be successful

Come now Mr Zuma, it is time for you to make policy that is employment friendly. Create a competitive work force, one that flourishes with the pride that comes with having a job.


Competition is also “to search for together”

as opposed to “killing each other over” a deal……

Beware the “unique number” competition

  So….. I am not a great competition enterer.  In fact I rarely take part in any type of competition unless it is for fundraising or something similar. I did decide the other morning while pouring my Kellogg’s All Bran Flakes into a bowl that perhaps I should “sms the unique number on the inside of…

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