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Personalised content barrier or enabler to getting your message through??

dataI am sitting looking at my day linked via the Bluetooth modem on my phone to my laptop, looking at my divisional results (logged on through our VPN connection) and thinking WOW! Just a few short years ago this would not have been possible. NO wires whatsoever! What’s more my news feed pipes only that which I want to read.

 I, as you know, love technology, mainly because used effectively and efficiently technology is an enabler of many things. By personalising my information flow I am able to get the news and information that I want.

Gone are the days of wading through a myriad of papers, websites and mobile news, although I must admit that on a plane nothing beats the feel of holding the Business Day and paging through it. No more do I need to take note of the commercials that bombard me everyday as I simply tune out and access that information that is useful to me. I simply subscribe. 

Herein lies the trick that marketers need to grab hold of and cross media marketing campaigns will assist you. As people increasingly tune out the information that they do not need, so they begin to move out of the traditional marketing spaces. (I include Web pages as traditional spaces as these add no value unless people have actually sought them out.) 

Developing a message that can be moved across multiple channels invoking responses from the client base is the way that we need to be thinking.

Continuing from where I left off yesterday, the value of cross media campaigns in the ability to provide your client with a brand touch point. Touch points are what separate the run of the mill business from the high flyer’s, companies in tune with their client base are able to move with them, they are able to secure their future by identifying what the future holds for their clients. It is no coincidence that the companies that are succeeding in these tough economic times are those that have managed to maintain and enhance their communication with their clients. They have managed to break through the clutter and get the message to the client, they have managed to appeal to their clients needs and desires. Clients love to feel like you know them and have taken the time give them the stuff they really need and want:

Below some helpful tips: 

1) Data (yip its that word again) get this right and you are well on your way to reaching and retaining your client

2) Message – That has been developed to suit multiple iterations or platforms)

3) Call to action – simply allowing the client to subscribe to your information flow (in exchange for some useful information from him/her) will already put your ahead of the pack

4) Relevant – In these times applying “that which worked in the past” is simply not good enough. You can see this watching television of late old adverts are being flighted with new prices on them (shocking – I hope that the advertising agency did not charge for creative!)

5) Less is more – Remember that call to action bit, give a little in the beginning (tease them into looking for more) Enough said for now – just remember that you need to be looking cross media. 

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Mike • September 3, 2008

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