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On being a superhero with an ordinary man’s exoskeleton!


Much of one’s younger years are spent looking up at people, physical proportions obviously making this the case, but we also spend this time looking up to people. The difference lying in the fact that looking up to a person implies some sort of desire to emulate or take on board what they do or represent.

In our child like way we tended to look to the cool stuff, the superhero’s of this world, or even other worlds for that matter. We wanted to be like them, to be able to do what they do, have what they have. The cool stuff!

I was thinking (yip I do that from time to time) about the hero’s I had in my life when I was growing up.  I had some really cool ones and I desperately wanted to be like them. I wanted to be able to do exactly what they did, but I had no idea why. It just seemed right. I shudder at the thought now of donning a pair of red lycra tights and running around like the Flash! But at the time the thought of helping to save somebody really made my heart pound with excitement

I can see you all nodding your heads now…..

So life has taken hold of us, as it does. We have grown and matured and let go of our childhood superheros. But I have been recently been challenged that perhaps we have let go of more than the childhood dreams, we have let go of what they stood for. We may not have known why we wanted to be like the superheros back then, but we certainly are able to work that out now.

So let’s face the facts, as our hair greys, our back’s ache and our eyesight fades, that we can still make a difference. All we need is the collective will to find and support a cause. We need to become less engrossed with ourselves and more involved with the people around.

As we seek to so this we can only positively impact those around us, thereby delivering a great surge of personal satisfaction.

So come let’s do…….whip out the Superhero outfits and strike the pose, you know the one, hands on hips legs slightly apart. Find a cause, one that is close to your own beliefs, so that your resolve does not fail. Invest some of you time and effort and hope that the impact you make will benefit those you seek to serve.

PS. Make sure you are facing into the wind so that your cape flusters in the breeze!


Mike • October 18, 2010

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