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Mclaren strategic for rest of season!!???!!!


I was more than a little concerned to read that Mclaren were focusing on a more strategic approach to their title hopes for the rest of this season. I understand that they believe this season is theirs to lose, but being overly careful (my word for strategic approach) could well lead to them losing the season.

They have pinned their hopes on one or even two of the remaining races being run in the wet. This may well happen, but I am not convinced that Hamilton is better in the rain. He is able to race well under wet conditions and certainly as a track begins to dry is certainly appears to be better than the rest. In the rain however he is about on par with the rest, therefore, I am not sure that Mclaren should be hoping for rain.

They should simply be hoping for cooler races, as the Ferrari’s do not appear to run at optimum levels, when the track and ambient temperatures are cool.

In terms of rain, the risk to some other driver taking one or even both of your drivers off are much higher and to truly take advantage of the wet Mclaren must occupy the front row of the grids. Here lies the real truth, Mclaren in my opinion should focus on running more aggressive strategies to get to the front of the grid and then try to run the race from there.

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Mike • September 30, 2008

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  1. The Devil October 1, 2008 - 12:01 pm

    And maybe STR in the shape of Sebastian Vettel will come and spoil their party! Ferrari is aiming for a one two finish in the remaining races, but I am not so sure that this is only talk. Kimmi can’t get the car to work in quali and in modern F1 being at the sharp end of the grid is all. Lewis will take the title because the Scuderia handed it to him on a plate in Singapore

    (enjoy your break)

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