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It’s been a while

It’s been a good while since I last posted. Much of this time has seen me start and stop posts at various moment. Fifteen months later now and I guess I need to put something down!

First things first, I can’t quite believe that both my kids are out of school now? I officially have two adult-ish humans roaming around the house, leaving a trail of chaos and laughter in their wake. It’s been quite the adjustment, mostly a mental one for me. Nothing quite shapes just how fast time flies than seeing your children grow. I find myself looking at pictures of them as small children and thinking, “flip that was just yesterday”.

Speaking of milestones, my beautiful wife and I celebrated our 25th wedding anniversary. A quarter of a century of putting up with, mostly from her side, each other’s quirks and still going strong. The time since my last post means that our 26th is just around the corner in May of this year. I still can’t quite believe that I have had the privilege of calling this amazing human my wife.

I recently completed my 9th Two Oceans Half Marathon! Before you cue the applause and maybe a few sympathy pats on the back, it was a real clanger. I started well and then picked up a calf injury which reduced me to a walker, leaving me with my worst time for a half.  However, in reflection the experience was still great. I got to meet some amazing people, doing incredible things with their life. Number 10, my blue number race, is on the horizon for next year.

I have also been able to delve into my musical side, regularly playing my bass on singing as part of a couple of groups.  I have held this as a dream for the longest time and so to have the opportunity to be able to do this is really awesome.

Brandesign Group, my foray into the entrepreneurship over the past 12 years, has been through it all. This past 15 months has seen us weather some challenges and disappointment, but many successes along the way. Our team and offerings have expanded and so to our client pool. We continue on this path ever thankful to the people that have partnered with us and our team. As we seek to push the boat out a little farther this year, we do so with some fear, but with a lot of excitement and anticipation.  I am looking forward to this time, I know it will challenge me, but I know that we are able to do much more.

This time also saw me partner, with a friend on mine, into an online business called FoodSocks. An online store, acting as a distributor for the parent company, that offers ready packed meals at reasonable prices. The vision behind the parent company and indeed ourselves is to supply meals to families at very affordable prices. We have seen the impact on those around, with many people supporting other families as a result of our portal. If you are keen to check it out visit

So this is a long update, but one for myself, to remind me of the many things I am grateful for. To help me keep tabs of all that has happened and to act as a reminder that when the road seems a little challenging, there is much to look back on an be grateful for.

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Mike • April 30, 2024

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