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Hamilton answers where it counts – on the track


Lewis Hamilton has answered the critics this weekend, he dominated all of the sessions and delivered just moments ago an amazing drive to win the Chinese Grand Prix. Massa certainly looked out of sorts and finished in second place after Kimi backed off to allow him through.

Kimi certainly showed some good race pace, so he must be hating his poor performance this season.

Well it is on to Brazil and we will see a really exciting race.

I must say that Lewis certainly carried himself like a world champion this weekend and maybe he will prove my prediction wrong.  Here’s hoping.

Sorry to “the Devil”, but clearly the best drive won today!

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Mike • October 19, 2008

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  1. Mike October 19, 2008 - 1:55 pm

    I must say that I wrote the above post before the post race interviews with the drivers. So have just watched the interviews. I particulalry enjoyed the fact that Massa actually claimed the pass on Kimi. It was a great wide angle shot so you could see Kimi hanging his head. At least he had the gonads to say he did what he new the team expected.

    While Felipe said “This was the best stint of the race” his actual pace during this time was worse than the first two stints, in fact at the time of the pass on Kimi he had lost a further 2 seconds to Lewis.

    Beautiful!! (Kimi was similing though)

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