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Do we all contribute to the bottom-line??

question markI have for the past two days battled with myself around the issue of work and the fact that I meet an array of people in my day that seem to clock in and out because they need their pay cheque.

I came across an individual that seems, by my estimation, to be doing as little as they can get a way with. I am not sure if this is due to them not wanting to work, or if they are genuinely that simple that they cannot see that the less productive they are the easier it will be to replace or do away with them.

Then I find these folks that are “so busy” they achieve nothing, I have had a few of those days myself. You know the one’s, where you seem to have been hectic for the day, but when you look at what you accomplished it really amounted to nothing significant. Now I know that some people will say that you did actually get stuff done, but this does not leave you fulfilled.

What I am getting at is that people seem to believe that either they 1) entitled to a do as little as possible in their day to day work environment or 2) they immerse themselves is unnecessary activity. This means that the resources delivering the goods within the company are stretched to the limit and this could mean a failure in terms of customer satisfaction.

I think that every good business needs to review their employee activity along with the results to ensure that each employ contributes effectively to the bottom-line. Organisations must look to enhance the relationships within their staff members to ensure effective team work and problem solving. We need to root out the individuals that are purely there for the ride, because ultimately this could lead to the down fall of us all.

Business is ultimately about success and this success can only come from effective team work. Say what you like if you have a colleague who is just hanging around they are only going to drag the resource from you and you are going to be left with less.


Mike • July 15, 2008

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